Next Steps in Civics Education

My dream is to put a lawyer in every public library in Colorado to teach civics and government to community members for free.  I would love to see lawyers get formal professional credit for teaching these types of programs, such as CLE credit.

I am teaching this course again at the Crested Butte library in January 2018.  The Crested Butte library and I are using video conferencing to share the course with libraries throughout Colorado, especially those in rural, remote, and underserved areas of the state.   As of now, I will be live broadcasting to six libraries throughout Colorado!

I have shared the course syllabus and lectures with many lawyers interested in replicating this program in their own communities.  I would be happy (ecstatic! thrilled! overjoyed!) to share the materials with any lawyer—just contact me.  I would be happy (ecstatic! thrilled! overjoyed!) to talk with any lawyer, bar association, professional group, library district (basically anyone under the sun) about the importance of civics education, the role that lawyers can play in providing this service, and how to replicate or improve the program.

Truly, teaching this class is one of the more rewarding things I have done with my law school education.   I hope other lawyers will join me!  I look forward to teaching civics education in 2018!