Ten Things To Know About Freelance Law: Introduction

Have you ever wondered what freelance law is all about?  Some lawyers immediately grasp the nature of freelance legal services, while others are unfamiliar with this business model.  In either case, both the freelance lawyer and the hiring lawyer should carefully consider a few issues before deciding to work together. 

Over several weeks, I will explore various aspects of freelance law and freelance legal services.  I'll cover some of the logistics involved in freelance legal services and discuss the major ethical considerations.  This series, called “Ten Things To Know About Freelance Law,” will cover:

·       The Basics of Freelance Law

·       Pros and Cons of Freelance Law

·       Who is Working for Who

·       Unbundled Legal Services

·       Disclosure to Client and Informed Consent

·       Conflicts of Interest

·       Confidentiality

·       Billing Clients for Freelance Legal Services

·       Supervision of a Freelance Lawyer

·       Fee Agreements with a Freelance Lawyer

I am a Colorado freelance lawyer and serve Colorado lawyers, so I will consider American Bar Association Ethics Opinions, the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, and Colorado Bar Association Ethics Opinions.  Of course, rules and ethical obligations may vary depending on jurisdiction, and these posts do not constitute legal advice.

I hope you’ll follow along.