Civics Education for Teachers

I am so pleased to announce that I will be teaching a two credit graduate course this summer on American Government and Effective Advocacy through Western State University's Summer Teacher Institute.  I will be teaching middle and high school educators about our government and how to effectively engage with the government in multiple settings and in many ways.  The course will cover: 1) legal authorities, citation, and interpretation; 2) federalism; 3) separation of powers and checks and balances; 4) the structure, organization, role, and powers of Congress; 5) the structure, function, jurisdiction, and limitations of the judicial branch; 6) the Electoral College, Presidential powers, limitations on the President, and the formation, powers, and limitations of administrative agencies in the executive branch; 7) due process; 8) fundamental rights, and 9) equal protection.  Students will participate in a hand-on exercise to demonstrate legislative and rulemaking functions and learn to tailor their advocacy efforts to each branch of the government.  

I am very excited for this opportunity!