Thinking about Freelance Legal Services?

Are you interested in Freelance Legal Services?

Here are some of the things you should know about me and my practice:

·       I provide litigation support and legal research and writing services to Colorado lawyers on an on-demand freelance or contract basis.  I offer individually-tailored and cost-effective legal solutions.

·       I truly love serving Colorado clients and supporting Colorado lawyers. 

My passion is helping Colorado lawyers sustain and grow their practices.

·       I am very familiar with the ethical considerations of freelance legal services and can provide you with guidance on issues such as disclosure to your client, billing your client, conflicts, etc.

Here are some of the reasons that lawyers choose to work with me on a freelance basis:

·       Staffing Changes: I have worked with lawyers who are in between associates and need temporary coverage;

·       Firm Expansion: l have spoken with lawyers who may be thinking of adding an associate to their solo practice, but are not ready to make hiring decisions;

·       Retirement: I have worked with lawyers wrapping up their practice who need additional support;

·       Medical Issues: Unfortunately, we may experience a serious injury or illness that pulls us away from work;

·       Travel or Other Absences: It’s a wide world out there, and it sure is nice to see more of it!  I’ve spoken with lawyers contemplating extended travel who need ongoing coverage;

·       Practice Management: Many lawyers choose to work with a freelance lawyer simply to manage workflow, prepare for trial, or manage the busy times.

Here are some of the benefits of working with me on a freelance basis:

·       I allow you to add capacity and flexibility to your practice without entering into the long-term commitment of adding an employee; 

·       Subject to ethical obligations, you may be able to impose a surcharge on the legal service I provide to you and earn a profit off of my work;

·       Alternatively, you can bill the legal services I provide to you as an expense to your client without any surcharge, giving your clients cost-effective representation

·       You remain in the driver’s seat and control the scope of the representation.

Think of me as your on-demand associate—you’ll get help when and how you need it.


I would love to discuss how I can support you!