Ski Town Lawyering: Introduction

So, you want to be a ski town lawyer?

I am blessed to live in Crested Butte, which calls itself “Colorado’s last great ski town.”  I’ve lived here since 2011, and I often field calls from other lawyers who want to relocate to a ski town (or at least they think they do).  In a series of posts, I am going to cover the opportunities and challenges of being a ski town lawyer, the various business models I have seen ski town lawyers adopt, the mindset you should have, and some practical tips and suggestions to help you land a ski town lawyering gig.

I often remind myself that “privilege has nothing to do with wealth.”  There are so many wonderful things about living and practicing law in a community like Crested Butte.  Every single day, I am humbled by the incredible beauty of this place.  I get to live where others vacation.  I can be on a ski lift in 20 minutes, can go on a mountain bike ride starting from my driveway, and have access to millions of acres of public land.  The people, however, are what make towns like this so special.  We’re a funky town with a ‘work hard, play harder’ mentality and we make our own fun.

But there’s also the reality of winter for 9 months, expensive and limited housing, seeing the same people over (and over and over and over) again, and the quirks of living in a town where you can’t buy standard socks and underwear (true story—you can buy $50 organic wool ski socks or moisture-wicking high-performance underwear, but you have to drive 30 miles for tube socks and granny panties).

If you’re curious about practicing law in a ski town, read on….

Whetstone in the clouds

Whetstone in the clouds