Add Flexibility and Capacity to Your Practice

Working with Coleman Law means that you can add flexibility and capacity to your practice, on your terms. 

I understand the unique needs of solo practitioners and small firms because I have worked in or closely with them for most of my career.  One of the biggest challenges facing solos and small firms is that you don’t have the option to spread the workload over more attorneys.  When you’re busy, you’re really busy.  You have to juggle several major deadlines in the same week or even the same day.  You might hesitate to take on new clients and cases when you’re already feeling stretched thin and pressed for time.  You might feel that you cannot afford to take time to attend to the other obligations or interests in your life. 

Think of Coleman Law as your ‘on-demand associate,’ knowing that you’ll be supported when and how you need it.

Meet Your Financial Goals

Working with Coleman Law can help meet your financial goals and those of your clients, as you see fit.

When you work with Coleman Law, there is no added cost to you. Because I pay for my malpractice insurance, office space, and benefits, you have no additional overhead.

You can earn a profit on the legal services that Coleman Law provides to you.  When you bill freelance legal services as legal fees to your client, you can mark up my services as you would an associate attorney in your firm (subject to ethical obligations).  This means that you can use your time more effectively. You can bill more hours or take time to focus on client recruitment and retention.

If you a have a client of limited means, working with Coleman Law can provide cost-effective representation.  Freelance legal services can be billed to the client as an expense without any mark up, giving them access to legal services that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

Retain Control

Working with Coleman Law means that you remain in control of the relationship with your client and remain in control of the representation.  You control the scope of the freelance legal services.  You control how to bill your client for the legal services that Coleman Law provides.